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Cabana Coat Story

During several trips to tropical destinations I always thought that carrying a towel around everywhere was tedious and if I did not have a towel I would put on a shirt and it would be wet and uncomfortable for some time. I thought that if there was some sort of towel that could be worn it would solve my problem. Two years ago I made an original prototype of a button down shirt made of terry cloth and took it to Mykonos. During an afternoon of swimming in the ocean I put the coat on and walked up to a beach club. The promoter on the microphone pointed at me and said “where did you get that”. Soon after many people were coming up to me and asking about the coat and I knew I had to create Cabana Coats.

-Written by founder David Prittie

Why Us?

We specialize in luxury terry cloth material that is hand sewn to perfection. Our products are quite unique and a great summer accessory for anyone who will be spending time around water. Our product range has multiple functionalities with sleek designs. This is just the beginning for Cabana Coat with a lot more products and accessories on the way! Finally, we are not only a beachwear brand but we also support the environment and with each purchase we can collectively help make the world cleaner day by day. We hope that you enjoy your purchase and we welcome you to the Cabana Coat family.